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Company Description

Headway Engineering specializes in engineering work under the Drainage Act.  We are a team of honest and positive professionals who recognize the challenge of productivity among engineers working under the Drainage Act.  Headway is committed to specializing and investing in Municipal Drainage engineering so to improve output, and by extension enhance the productivity, safety, and environmental integrity of private and public lands for our clients.  At Headway, we apply our specialized expertise in rural and urban hydrology to produce an economic solution to drainage problems, while continuing to improve our environment.

Why you should join the Headway team

Headway recognizes the immense challenge of producing engineering reports under the Drainage Act.  Instead of simply adding engineers to the workforce, Headway’s primary goal is to improve the productivity of our engineers and staff by equipping our team with the best tools and methods to produce a quality and timely product for landowners and municipalities.

New Hires

Career Opportunities

Headway Engineering is not currently seeking out new job applicants.  However, we always welcome potential applicants to submit their credentials for future opportunities using the below instructions. 


Application Process

If you think you would be a good fit with the Headway team, then please submit your cover letter and resume to the following email address with the subject line: Employment Opportunity.  Email address:

Thank-You for your interest in joining the Headway Engineering team!

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